The first impressions – Bogotá

After 15 long hours in an airplane and at the airport I finally arrived to Bogotá on the 26th of October. From the start I got hit by the reality of very little english knowledge in Colombia. Even the lady at the currency exchange at the airport couldn’t say a word in english to me. My communicative spanish knowledge came in really handy when I found out that my cell phone doesn’t work and I had to borrow one from my crazy taxi driver to inform my friend I will be arriving very soon.

Bogotá is a place where a bus ride is like a roller coaster ride and where you can rent a cell phone on a street for 200 pesos a minute. Money is really confusing at first, especially when you need to pay 1400 pesos for a water bottle (which in fact is around 0,60 eurocents). If you want to get into a bus all you have to do is just wave It doesn’t matter whether you are at the bus stop or not. Colombians are very friendly, but not used to the tourists, so staring is rather common. You also have to be careful. Many times you can be charged more, just because you are a tourist. The location (2600 m. above the sea level) makes the weather much colder in here than in the rest of Colombia.

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