Another stop on my way along the carribean coast was Cartagena. A beautiful city separated into 2 parts: the more touristy colonial old town and  the new town with sky scrapers. The time we were in the city was the time of celebrations for colombians that mainly included the independence day and the crowning of the new Miss Colombia. Turned out the independence day here is on the same day that the polish one, but the date is the only thing the celebrations have in common. Back home people hang out polish flags outside, a President gives a speech, no muss, no fuss in other words boring. The Colombians on the other hand celebrate for the whole week with music, dances, parades, fireworks and partying. Right….partying, that’s what my stay in Cartagena was pretty much all about. On the day we arrived we became an instant target for the locals who decided to spray us with foam. So the next day we got our revenge, went out on the streets and from there it went crazy. In the end we looked insane, covered with layers of foam, flour and body paint. It was a blast.

The photos are an outcome of a short walk I took right before leaving Cartagena. The other days it was too dangerous to take the camera out on the streets because it would either get destroyed from the stuff people where spraying at you or simply stolen in a crowd. 


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