Salento and Cocora Valley

As much as the big colombian cities don’t impress me, the small towns do the total opposite. After spending 2 days in Medellin doing absolutely nothing and getting back to health after being very sick for over a week I headed south to Salento. Unable to find a place to stay for an hour and walking around with heavy backpack I  finally managed to book a place in a cute little hostel called el Jardin with very delicious breakfast included in the price:)

Salento is very well known to be a colombian Switzerland and a home to a big number of coffee plantations. The day after arriving I hiked to a small plantation (finca) where I took a tour and learned a bit about growing coffee. Although Colombia is one of the biggest exporters of coffee in the world it is very rarely that you can drink a very good coffee here. Fortunately I got to taste one at the finca. 

The second day I went on an excursion to the Cocora Valley in the Los Nevados National Natural Park. Unfortunately during the 5 hour trek the weather did not want to cooperate at all and around 30 minutes in it started raining. Renting the wellies boots before the departure turned out to be a great idea. First half of the trek included an easy hike through the valley where you can see a lot of Quindío wax palm trees which is the national tree and symbol of Colombia. The second part was anything but easy which meant hiking uphill through the rain forest. The views tough were definitely rewarding.


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