Biking down the Chimborazo

38 km downhill, up to 60 km/h, almost all day on the highest mountain in Ecuador. So far biking down the Chimborazo was one of the highlights of my trip. When I got to Riobamba the weather was beautiful and the volcano was visible all the time. When I booked the excursion with the travel agency they told me I will be biking down with a couple of french tourists. Unfortunately the french tourists turned out to be not too bright and were looking for the agency to fit the gear on the evening before in Quito and not Riobamba. So my trip was moved another day, I ended up going by myself anyway and of course that day it had to rain! In spite of rain I enjoyed every minute of it. First we got to the refugee on 4000 meters by car and hiked to another refugee on 5000 m. Hiking down to the first refugee on the way back was 100 times easier! Afterwards was time for biking. On the way I stopped in the indigenous village and was invited by one family for a cup of the most delicious tea I have ever had. While biking down I also met a lot of kids who are used to travellers giving them candy. Luckily I was well prepared:)

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