Mitad del Mundo

Although the equator traverses the land and waters of 14countries it is Ecuador that makes a big deal out of it. For that reason there is a whole city in Ecuador called Mitad del Mundo (middle of the world) with a 30 meter high monument that marks the point where the equator passes through. Well…it used to mark that point until people started showing up with their own GPS’ claiming that the actual line passes around 240 meters north of the marked line.

The exact specification of the equator is, in fact a local private attraction, known as the Intiñan Solar Museum. The tour guides and visitors perform demonstrations that are possible only on the equator such as water flowing both counter-clockwise and clockwise down a drain depending on which site of the hemisphere – northern or southern you find yourself on, or balancing eggs on nails (I managed to do that).

The tour also includes a short explanation about the lives of the indigenous tribes in Ecuador and shows the shrinked heads of the former amazonian region tribes that used to perform the head shrinking process on their enemies.

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