Huaraz is a city in the northern Peru, located very close to the Huascaran National Park and therefore a very good spot for starting the famous Santa Cruz trek.

I arrived to Huaraz early in the morning after 8 hours bus ride from Trullijo. Determined not to waste my time and the beautiful weather (despite the rainy season) I went straight to a view point, from where you can see the peaks of Cordillera blanca, including the highest one – Huascaran. In the afternoon I walked around the town looking for a descent agency to do the Santa Cruz trek with. As it always happens here in South America the agencies either try to rip you of your money or if they don’t operate themselves at the time they will tell you that it is impossible to do the trek because of the weather conditions and so on, just so their competition doesn’t receive clients. Luckily after travelling for 4 months now I have learned something and went from door to door until I found a really nice tour operator, who agreed to do the trek for a lot less than the other ones offered.

The day before the trek was the beginning of carnival in South America. I went to the main square to watch the parade!

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