Nazca and Chauchilla Cemetery

Shortly before going to Arequipa from Huacachina I decided to make a short, one day stop at the famous Nazca lines in Peru. Unfortunetly I couldn´t afford the very expensive flight over the lines, so the only option I had, to see them was the observation tower that stands next to the panamericana highway. The view from the tower gives you a very brief idea of what the lines are. Out of 70 lines that stretch on the desert next to Nazca you can only see 3 of them.

However, the dissapointment from seeing the lines from the tower was quickly gone after visiting the Chauchilla cemetery, 30 minutes south of Nazca. To get there we had to catch a Taxi and travel through the desert. Once you get there you can see lots of very well preserved mummies lying in the graves right in the middle of nowhere. On the way back from the cemetery I asked the driver to make a quick stop at other abandonded graveyard to take some photos!

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