After rushing through Peru (and I promised myself I wouldn’t rush on my trip) and seeing the things I wanted to see at a faster pace; I finally got to Cusco and decided this was going to be my longer stop. I instantly fell in love with the colonial architecture of the city. Every night you could just go to different bar that would offer life music and each day you could visit another market in the city. My first thought was to stay here and volunteer, but after few days I wasn’t looking at Cusco with the same eyes as upon arrival. What doesn’t really bother you in the beginning, later starts to be really annoying. In this case I am talking about the street sellers that wouldn’t leave you alone even for a minute. You can’t sit down in the main square and enjoy the views. There is always someone constantly offering you something, from sunglasses, through to jewelery and ending with paintings. And, don’t get me wrong, it is all very beautiful and cheap. You could just keep buying and buying, but if you are a backpacker like me, you don’t want your backpack to be too heavy…and after visiting Cusco that’s exactly what happened to mine:)

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