Islas Flotantes, Puno

Long before my journey, I remember reading an article in a magazine about the Floating Islands of Uros in Peru. I knew back then that I was going to travel to South America, and these Islands became one of the things I really wanted to see. After meeting with other travellers, almost all of them recommended not to go there because apparently the islands have become very comercialized. If it wasn’t for the weather, we might have actually skipped them. We got to Puno (which is the small harbour town where you get the boat to visit the floating islands) and asked for the tickets to Taquile Island instead, but it turned that out the current was too strong and that the people who went to Taquile the day before were still stuck on the island. Since we only had one day before crossing to Bolivia we decided to visit the Floating Islands after all, and to be completely honest, I am happy I did. Although I am sure that they are not what they used to be back in the day, it was still very interesting to learn about them. There are, altogether, around 1500 Uros living on 70 floating islands. Each of the islands have their own president who takes care of the community. The islands are completely made from totora reed Their original purpose was was defensive and they could be moved in case of danger. However nowadays they are anchored to the bottom of the lake.

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