Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca

Isla del Sol with its colours, turqoise beaches, rocky and green mountains and Inca ruins is probably the most photogenic place I have visited so far. Located on the bolivian site of Lake Titicaca, the island definitely lived up to its name when I visited it. Isla del Sol means island of the sun and in fact, on the day I was there, it was sunny all the time. We started our excursion from Copacabana, where we took a boat to the northern part of the island. The journey lasted around 3 hours. From there we set off for a 4 hour hike to the southern part. Throughout the day the landscape changed and we walked by the beaches to Inca ruins; from there we walked up to the highest point of the island and down again through Eucalyptus forest to the town where we stopped for the night. We stayed in a beautiful and insanely cheap hostel (less than 4 dollars a night/person) in a room that had windows on each side overlooking Lake Titicaca. We also had a little terrace from where we could see Isla de la Luna and Cordillera Real and watch the stars in the evening. We saw a thunder storm, the Milky Way and shooting stars all at the same time! The next day in the morning we caught the boat back to Copacabana and then we got on the bus to La Paz, the capital of Bolivia!

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