La Paz

After spending the night on Isla del Sol, my friends and I caught a bus to La Paz, the capital of Bolivia which is the highest capital in the world!

The bus journey couldn’t, of course, be without any surprises. About half way in everyone started to leave the bus. It turned out that all the passengers (well, the gringo passengers) had to get a boat and our bus went on a ferry to cross the lake. Afterwards we continued to La Paz. We stayed 5 days in the city and our main activity was gift shopping. Bolivia is the cheapest country in South America so it made sense to do shopping here. I got rid of almost 9 kilos of my baggage and went from being miserable while carrying it to being really, really happy!! The only thing we saw in La Paz was the witch market where you could see pretty weird stuff (shrunken baby alpacas etc.) and got a ride to Mirador (photos) from where we got a pretty good view of the city.

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