Sajama National Park

After 2 nights in Lauca National Park, our chilean friend dropped us off back at the Chile-Bolivia border. Turned out it wasn’t exactly the boarder crossing that we had to go through this time. Next couple of hours we spent in no-mans-land waiting, somewhere between Bolivia and Chile, waiting for a ride to Tambo Quemado where the real boarder crossing was. After finally catching a bus (which turned out to be the same bus that we were in from La Paz to Lauca NP, on its way back). We had to lie to the driver by saying that we were going to La Paz, otherwise he wouldn’t take us on. At the boarder we told him the truth, that we want to get off at Sajama NP. This time around there was no problem and he left us right where he should. From there we waited for another two hours to catch a ride to the Sajama village. Finally a local woman stopped for us. After getting to Sajama, first thing that caught our eye was that the village was runned by kids! We were checked into a hostel by a kid, we went to the store, where another child worked. It is hard to say though whether they are really kids, because a few hours later I made friends with some of them thinking they are around 6 or 7 years old and it turned out they were 11 and 9. Children in South America are much smaller then the ones back home. Since it is off-season all the restaurants were closed and we ended up eating freshly killed llama in a local shop. The second day we went on a 15 km hike to see the natural geysers. The views were stunning as always! Despite the hassle of getting there, because of the remote location of the village, it is definitely worth it. Especially when you want to see something off the touristy track..

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