Streets of Potosi

Getting to Sajama National Park was a bit difficult, getting out, on the contrary, quite easy. Every morning there is 6 o’clock bus to Patacamaya from where you can catch another ride to Oruro. From there I got another 5 hour bus to Potosi and after altogether 11 hours sitting in the bus I found myself in another UNESCO world heritage site – Potosi. Although the city, being once one of the largest and wealthiest cities in the world, has definitely seen better days than today (the buildings look like they could use some renovation), it still looked pretty amazing to me. Potosi is famous mostly for its silver mines and they are the reason the city is still visited by a fair amount of tourists. Potosi lies beneath mountain Cerro the Potosi, which was of a great significance during the period of the New World Spanish Empire. It is believed that the amount of silver that was extracted from the mountain could be used to built a bridge between Potosi and Barcelona in Spain! Due to such extensive mining, the mountain itself has diminished in height, before the mining started it was few hundred meters higher than it is today.

Apart from the mines, Potosi is known to be the highest city in the world by elevation at 4300 meters. On such elevation even walk through the park is pretty damn difficult!

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