Tupiza – Salar de Uyuni trip: Day 1

To avoid the excess of often very unreliable agencies in Uyuni, I decided to do my trip from Tupiza, which not only gives you one more day to enjoy it (in opposite to standard 3 day/2night Uyuni – Uyuni trip), but also skips all the crowds at different locations throughout the trip, and leaves the highlight of the tour – Salar de uyuni, for the final day. My group set off in a jeep at 9 o’clock in the morning. Our first stop was Sillar, a rock formation created million years ago by volcanic eruptions. On that day we drove through many small villages, situated in the middle of nowhere. After lunch we got to ruins of the old San Antonio village (called by the locals ghost town), that for some inexplicable reason was abandoned by its inhabitants many years ago. After few more hours of driving we arrived to Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve and stayed the night in Quetenia Grande village, right at the foot of volcano Uturuncu.

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