Tupiza – Salar de Uyuni: day 2

Have you ever imagined being on a different planet? This is how I felt on the second day of the trip, travelling through bolivian altiplano. The landscape is so wild and rugged that sometimes, when you happen to see a vicuna (wild version of llama), you wonder how do they survive there. Because we travelled so much on the first day, we had a lot more time to take pictures and spend some time at different locations on day 2. We started the day at Laguna Hedionda and Kolpa Laguna, where we got our first peak at pink flamingoes in their natural habitat. Afterwards we headed to Salvador Dali desert. Although he never visited the desert himself, the paintings of the artist highly resemble the place and for therefore it’s been named after him. We ate our lunch at Laguna Verde (green lagoon). It wasn’t as green as I expected when we arrived there, but after around an hour the wind picked up and stirred the minerals in the lagoon causing it to change colour to bright turqoise. After lunch we were taken to natural hot springs, where we enjoyed a hot bath while surrounded by an amazing landscape. Later in the afternoon we drove up to 4900 meters to see geysers. Our last stop was Laguna Colorada, home of thousands of flamingoes, that is now striving to be named one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. In my opinion it definitely deserves this title. After sunset we drove to our hostel in the Huayllajara village.

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