Santiago – Mendoza route

Travelling: one moment I am in Santiago walking through the city in a tank top. 2 hours later I am in a bus crossing the argentine border, through the snow in the mountains.

2 thoughts on “Santiago – Mendoza route

  1. Hola chica, enjoying following your journey x
    Are you going to see Sebastian in Mondosa?
    I’m going to look at a house to rent tomorrow, think I’m going to be in Pisac for a while. Going to Lake Titikaka next week for a few days as I need a new passort stamp. Time is going so fast, can’t believe I’ve been back in Peru for 3 months!
    Keep safe
    Much love
    Bobbie xXx

    • Hey Bobby! Great to hear from you! I stayed at sebastians in san rafael for a few days. I am in Bariloche now, heading down to Patagonia very soon. I am going home in 3 weeks…so the journey will be over soon. Can’t wait for the next one tho! Don’t miss isla del sol when you are in Copacabana. The hike from northern to southern part of the island is one of the most beautiful I’ve done! Lots of love!!

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