Lago Argentino

I just got to El Calafate, a litle town located in the southern argentine Patagonia, have by now only seen Lake Argentino from a viewpoint and I am already in love with this place.

Because of my very small budget towards the end of the trip (and argentine bus prices certainly are not helping me out) I have decided to couchsurf. Now I am asking myself why haven’t I done it from the beginning of my trip!? Not only it saves you a lot of money, that normally you would spent on sometimes not so great hostels, but also you get to meet some awesome locals who have lived in the place, you currently visit, for a long time and therefore know the area and can recommend you great places to go to. Places that you can’t find in any bookguide. Punta Bonita (see pics below) and caves full of paintings of argentine indegenous tribes are some locations, that have been shown to me by the person I am currently couchsurfing with!


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