Perito Moreno Glacier

Almost 300 square km of snow and ice, up to 70 meters high, and still Perito Moreno is not the biggest glacier in the Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina. Viedma Glacier, which is very hard to reach is over 3 times bigger! What makes the Perito Moreno so special is that, unlike the glacier Viedma, that only last year lost 1km of its surface due to the climate change, this one is one of the few glaciers in the world that is still advancing up to 2 meters a day. Because of the immense pressure that this process (together with the surrounding water) builds up,  you can observe throughout the day some spectacular rapture events.

Perito Moreno Glacier is situated on the Magellan Peninsula in the south part of the national park and around 80 km from El Calafate town. Each time you enter the park (even if you return the next day) you have to pay entry fee, and it is not cheap. The entrance costs 100 argentine pesos, which is around 25 dollars.

To experience the glacier in other way, than the most travellers do, I had decided to do the guided trek on the ice itself, known as minitrekking. As expensive as it was, even with the discount that I received, I couldn’t recommend it enough. This truly gives you an opportunity to aprreciate the magnitude and beauty of that place.


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