El Chaltén

If there is a perfect time for me to photograph mountains it would be in the morning light. Few days ago I went on a trek to Laguna de Los Tres near the town of El Chaltén in the northern part of Los Glaciares National Park. This hike is rather easy, apart from the last 1 hour of steep uphill walking, that I did during snowstorm, just to show up at the end and see…nothing:)

The whole Patagonia, including El Chaltén are very known for always changing weather. We set off really early to be able to see the famous mountain Fitz Roy and were pretty lucky on that day to see it during sunrise, because 30 minutes later it was already covered with clouds and stayed that way until the end of the 7 hour trek. Fitz Roy, despite being only around 3400 meters high, remains one of the most challenging mountains to climb in the world.

My second day in El Chaltén I spent on recovering from the day before and from the fever and very soar throat, that luckily passed as fast as it came. The only trek I did was to the supermarket and back to the hostel, but I still managed to get these  2 shots.

I woke up on the third day with great ambition to do the 6 hour hike to Laguna Torre to see Cerro Torre – the most challenging vertical climb in the world. As If the weather wasn’t already bad enough the past couple of days, the morning of the 3rd day was just terrible, meaning rain, rain and more rain. Without a second thought I went back to sleep convinced that it is just not meant for me to see it. Around noon the sky started clearing up. My bus back to El Calafate was at 6pm so it was already too late to do the trek to Lagoon therefore I went for a shorter 2 hour hike to the mirador of Cerro Torre. Now I can really say I’ve seen it and must admit: climbing it looks like a suicide to me!


5 thoughts on “El Chaltén

  1. You are really making me look forward to my trip next January. :) I’m going to have lots of questions for you in the next month or two. Hope you’re enjoying.

    • I will be happy to answer all of them!! The trip was (well still is) amazing. I am almost at the end of it tho, but the blog will definitely continue with some tips and more travels!! :)

  2. had a great time doing these hikes this past january.. a wonderful area. had great weather and relatively clear skies…. the only problem i had was the loss of 7 toenails from the hiking on uneven ground previously in torres del paine…. but wonderful experience.

    • I know what it means, loosing your toenails! I Unfortunately, because of the bad weather I haven’t made it to Torres del Paine! But I guess, that’s just another excuse to go back!! :)

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