Iguazu Falls

National Parks in Argentina tend to be very very experience and many times the tickets are only valid for one day (like in Los Glaciares National Park). But I guess, you get what you pay for and in this case whole day of stunning views of probably the most amazing waterfalls in the world – Iguazu. It takes around 18 hours on a bus from Buenos Airies or 24 from Rio de Janeiro to get to a place where 3 countries meet: Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay. Most of the travellers I met say that the best way to experience the falls is to stay on the Argentine side, in the small town of Puerto Iguazu and I would definitely agree. There is a great system of platforms and walkways that will keep you busy all day long. It is also very worthy visiting the San Martin island, where you get great panoramic views of the waterfalls. And of course you can’t miss the Devil’s throat!! From its name you can get a pretty good idea, of how scary and overwhelming it looks. 


2 thoughts on “Iguazu Falls

  1. although i found Iguazu Falls to be spectacular, i enjoyed it from the Brazilian Side better. Being there in the peak season in January I found it to be a hot sticky mess of people. The walk ways were sooo crowded that you just could not stop and truly enjoy the falls. On the Brazilian side, I found the atmosphere around the falls to be more subdued, there were far less people visiting on that side of the falls.

    I would also say that you do get what you pay for. I found the prices, although steep, to be well worth the cost. I just wonder where that money truly goes.

    • I was thinking the same thing to myself! As long as it goes to preserve the place I don’t really mind, but to be honest, I highly doubt it! Unfortunately I didn’t visit the brazilian side of the falls due to lack of time, but I truly enjoyed the argentine side. I was there during the low season, so there was no crowds, no waiting for the trains, just perfect (maybe except the weather, but I guess you can’t have everything:)

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