Rio de Janeiro

Unfortunately Brasil wasn’t on my list of things to see on this trip. The whole plan was to get a bus from Iguazu Falls to Rio de Janeiro, spent few days at the beach and depart home.

After being here for only 4 days I have decided I am definitely coming back. Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful city I have seen in South America (also most developed). With 80 kilometers of amazing beaches, great party locations, mountains and really friendly people it makes for a perfect tourist destination, but since I was here off season I haven’t seen many of them strolling on the streets. Unfortunately I haven’t seen much of Rio, but the places I did see were amazing. My favourite out of all would be Ipanema beach and yesterday I took a lift up to the famous Sugarloaf mountain to enjoy stunning sunset of the city and see it at night (see photos).

During my last month of travelling I was really keen to go back home. The constant changing of places, packing and unpacking, meeting great people and saying goodbye to them started becoming a bit too much. But, If someone asked me now If I would have done it again I would say yes….and I am definitely going to. So stay tuned!!!:)


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