The End of the Beginning!

It’s been almost 8 months since my last post in here. 8 months since I am back in Europe, living and working in Berlin and daydreaming about my future travels. 8 months. That is longer than my actual trip Across South America.

So I hope you wonder what have I been up to and how can I explain my absence?

After I got back from South America and quickly hit the reality of being in a slight debt, I had to prioritize (for those who don’t know, I planned my budget for six months, but extended my trip for another month. No regrets though.) It meant finding a job and some kind of income as quickly as possible. First months I spent juggling between Poland and Germany, staying either at my parents place, in my motherland or living on a couch at my friends place in Berlin. Luckily, both of the places are only few hours apart by train. And what means few hours for someone who had traveled for 7 months!?

At the end of June I moved into a shared flat and ended up in a pretty international environment that consisted of Me, Half-German half-Russian guy and a couple from Spain. Believe it or not most, of the time we ended up communicating in Spanish, as that was the language that each of us could speak. Personally I found it great. This let me practice and improve what I already learnt while on the road.

Even though the flat was right in the center of Berlin, just few minutes walk from the famous Alexander Platz, it had no internet connection. I know it shouldn’t be an excuse, as I had to face this problem many times in South America, but back in SA at least I had a laptop. Unfortunately my laptop, that was so devoted to me until my last days of the trip, had decided to give up its life right when I got back (what cost me to lose some of the photos, that I took at the end of my trip, but didn’t back up on my external hard drive).

First 2 months were horrible. A mixture of what I call post-travel-depression with job seeking and being broke. I am not gonna lie. There were moments, when I just sat miserably in my room and cried over my terrible faith. Ha. Thinking of it now makes me laugh really hard.

After few months I was back on track, working quite a lot and slowly getting used to my ‘new’ old life. Since then I moved twice and now have my own small place. Have I got used to it by now? Absolutely not. Also, the fact that it is -10 degrees outside whilst I am writing this text and thinking that exactly one year ago I was learning to surf at the beach in Ecuador definitely doesn’t help. I already have a big plan for another trip in my head and hopefully it comes into reality not too long from now.

In the meantime, I finally decided I am going to do what I promised to do long time ago. Give a summary of my trip around South America, post my overall experiences, tips for other travelers, who are there right now, doing what I was doing a year ago! I know it is quite late, but my memories are still very fresh and hey…better later than never, right?