Tupiza – Salar de Uyuni: day 4


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The last day of the tour brought us to Salar de Uyuni. Giant salt flats that cover the surface of 200 thousand square km of Bolivia. We set off at 5.30 in the morning to get to the flats for … Continue reading

Tupiza – Salar de Uyuni: day 3


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Our third day we started at the Arbol de Piedra. An interesting rock formation that looks like a tree made out of stone. Afterwards we crossed the Siloli desert and visited 5 different lagoons: Ramaditas, Honda, Chiarkota, Hedionda and Canape. … Continue reading

Tupiza – Salar de Uyuni: day 2


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Have you ever imagined being on a different planet? This is how I felt on the second day of the trip, travelling through bolivian altiplano. The landscape is so wild and rugged that sometimes, when you happen to see a … Continue reading

Streets of Potosi


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Getting to Sajama National Park was a bit difficult, getting out, on the contrary, quite easy. Every morning there is 6 o’clock bus to Patacamaya from where you can catch another ride to Oruro. From there I got another 5 … Continue reading

Sajama National Park


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After 2 nights in Lauca National Park, our chilean friend dropped us off back at the Chile-Bolivia border. Turned out it wasn’t exactly the boarder crossing that we had to go through this time. Next couple of hours we spent … Continue reading

Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca


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Isla del Sol with its colours, turqoise beaches, rocky and green mountains and Inca ruins is probably the most photogenic place I have visited so far. Located on the bolivian site of Lake Titicaca, the island definitely lived up to … Continue reading