Cerro Lopez


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Hiking to the top of the mountain is like never ending story. You think you are close to the end, but once you cross that hill there is the next one, and after the next one, yet another one. Though, … Continue reading

Ruta de los 7 lagos


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In a long term travelling through South America there is never a perfect time to visit a place. You can be at the coast getting tan at the beach whilst it is raining in the Andes. While being in one … Continue reading



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Hippie is the first word that comes to my mind to describe Valparaiso – harbour city on the pacific coast of Chile, located around 2 hours drive from Santiago. Full of street art, houses painted in different colours and interesting … Continue reading

Sajama National Park


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After 2 nights in Lauca National Park, our chilean friend dropped us off back at the Chile-Bolivia border. Turned out it wasn’t exactly the boarder crossing that we had to go through this time. Next couple of hours we spent … Continue reading